Training & Development

Indian Pharmaceutical market is valued at about US $ 12 billion and it is expected to become US $ 14 billion by the year 2014. Indian Pharma market is about 2 % of the world Pharma market. In the last two years more than 4000 generic products have been launched because of which the size of Indian Pharma market has increased significantly.

Acquiring knowledge and information about existing drugs & drugs in pipeline is great challenge for Pharma professionals. Updating of information & acquaintance with day to day inventions & researches in this industry is mandatory.

We at Joss Biotec Private Limited understood the importance of Training and Development of its employees of all Departments & developed the T & D Department.

We have equipped our T & D Department with all latest, hi-tech communication facilities & we have designed different modules for different departments. Some of the Preferred Training Methods are

  • Web based Training
  • Class-room Training
  • Workshops
  • On the job Training

We have put brief scientific information of all our products in our web site. Strategies for the promotion of these products have also been discussed briefly. It helps our professionals to refer & refresh their knowledge level.

Class-room training holds top priority in our T & D Department. There exists a smooth system in the company for arranging regular training orientation programmes for different categories of staff members. In house training programmes are routine feature in our premises, for which we have a team of expert trainers. As and when required we also hire services of experts from outside for the training of employees of various department. Trainers put their all sincere effect to make, all aspects, crystal clear to the employees. In spite of that we have developed & designed Training Manual for the ready reference of employees.

Workshops are organized on time to time basis which is a very productive exercise. It provides an effective platform to the employees, for interaction with there senior executives. Here employee ventilate there opinion and experiences with each other which has been found to be a productive learning exercise.

On the job training is excellent blend of theory and practical. Every thing, which has been taught in class-room session, is being put in practice. In this process some practical difficulties are located, which are ruled out & rectified on the spot during on the job training.