Every individual associated with the company, will get tremendous opportunity for career growth. Company believes in rapid growth but within the well defined domain of ethics & system. Every member of Joss family is equally important for us.


To be an equal partner in the process of Business of the Organization and facilitate the growth of the Organization through value added H R initiative.

The strategy identifies three key objectives.

  • To get the best people.
  • To retain the best people.
  • To develop the best people.

We believe in

  • Respect for people
  • Empathy
  • Empowerment

Work Environment-
We act in the best interest of organization.
We share information and resources with other -

  • Work as a team
  • Encourage creativity
  • View change as positive action.

We accept personal accountability

  • We display a ‘can do’ attitude & commitment for accomplishment.
  • Responsibility for our individual actions.
  • Forces on being part of the solution.

Performance Appraisal

People differ in their abilities & their aptitudes. There is always some difference between the quality and quantity of the same work on the same job being done by two different people. Performance Appraisal of employees is necessary to understand each employee’s abilities, competencies and relative merit and worth for the organization. Performance Appraisal rates the employees in terms of their performance.

The latest mantras being followed by organization across the globe being-“get paid according to what you contribute”. It helps to rate the performance of the employee and evaluate their contribution towards the organizational goal.