Beyond National Boundaries-

In line with our continuing commitment to provide the best of health care- every were, our range of products are on verge of being exported to S. E. Asian countries like-Bhutan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Singapore and Indonesia.

Joss Biotec’s International dream is built on the solid foundations of technology and quality & our relentless dedicated fight against disease.

The export department is manned by professional people whose main objective is to provide prompt response to our overseas customers. Right now our export professionals are busy in getting our brand registered in various countries and appointing liasoning agencies for smooth transaction.

It is the policy of the company to work in close union with its overseas customers / distributors with the aim of establishing an effective marketing net work.

Our products are manufactured in GMP Certified factories & meet all the manufacturing parameters set by national & international agencies. GMP certification is the prime requirement for exporting medicines to most of the world’s market.